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"We create only sleek, modern, robust designs that automate tasks and position your brand in the best way possible."



Unique Consultants is a boutique creative agency dedicated to one mission: exceeding your expectations. We do this by taking a different approach to web design and web development. We want your build time to be fast and efficient, and we start with a fully live demo that you can browse. If you decide that’s the direction you want to go, we’ll take the demo and build the rest of your website from there. It’s that simple.



If you want to integrate automation to some of the daily processes in your work-life– no problem. We can even integrate your website as part of that plan. Through innovative solutions, we’ve saved local business owners countless hours and improved their worklife. If you’re tired of your digital agency over-charging, and failing to deliver on the promises they’ve made, it’s time to switch. Go with a company that crafts a solution as unique as you are.

Try Before You Buy

At Unique Consultants, we make live demos of your site as part of our sales process. You won’t have to spend hours reviewing portfolio websites to decide if you want to work with us. You’ll see a live starter version of your website, and then if you like it, we’ll build the rest of it.

Automate Your Life

We don’t just build websites. We build powerful platforms that you can integrate with your daily routine. We like to think of ourselves as solutions experts that solve problems. If there’s some process in your work life that needs to be integrated with your website, just ask.

On-Time, On-Budget

If a problem takes longer than we originally quoted, your cost won’t go up. Our agreement is our word, and we stand by it. We will make sure to get your project completed fast, and get your new website launched, hassle-free.

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