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Does your worklife have many repetitive tasks that get mundane? Do you have to flip through multiple screens to find information? What about tracking, selling, recording calls? Do you want your website synced with your database? These issues are common in the modern workplace. Resolving these issues will make your worklife run smoothly, speed up normally repetitive tasks, and give you the freedom you’re looking for. Unique Consultants is a company dedicated to using technology to resolve problems and make life easier. We are automation experts, and have helped area businesses get set up with time-saving technologies. We help you plan your automated worklife, build the system, and then help you after set up with troubleshooting, tips, and additional help.


"It's best not to think of automation for business as Amazon Alexa or self-driving cars, though those are here. Automation for business involves simplifying your life, and eliminating repetitive processes."

Make It Work

When you hire us to help you automate your life, we’ll stick with the project until the technology works. After it’s set up, we’ll be there to help you as we answer questions and troubleshoot common problems.

Save Lots of Time

Automation over the long run will save you time and money as you speed up your daily routine and work. It just makes sense. As you get used to the new system, we’ll be there to answer additional questions and help you down the road.

Be More Productive

Lost productivity to poorly designed systems is a source of frustration for everyone. Let Unique Consultants help you release that burden by designing a system that speeds up your workday and makes you more productive.

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